Momcore: Postpartum Rehab Program

If you feel like you could use some help re-building strength and safely healing from the labor of birth, you’re not alone.

Dr. Jewell can help.



Moms recovering after birth often suffer from low back pain, pelvic floor weakness, upper back pain, sacroiliac instability and hip pain, sciatica, and diastasis recti separation. Couple this with the ever-growing epidemic of sitting and collapsed posture in our society, not to mention caring for that new bundle of joy, and you get a weak, inactive internal core that has to compensate in potentially harmful ways.

The post-birth phase should be looked at as the 4th trimester in which your body is continuing to change in another new and different way. After the marathon of labor and delivery, endless doctor’s appointments and introducing your baby to the world, a lot of new moms are left on their own to cope with postpartum recovery and the transition to motherhood. Momcore is the resource for new moms looking for support and care during this delicate and perhaps challenging time. The core rehab portion is designed to be a 6 week program, but can easily be tailored to fit your individual needs.


Please schedule your Momcore session specifically and in addition to any other services that are a part of your treatment plan, here.


The progression of the [Momcore] program was very good. [We] started with awareness and triggering of the core and progressed to great strengthening exercises. Weekly sessions worked well for me- it also got me out of the house with the baby which for me is sometimes difficult to do on my own if I have nothing specific scheduled/planned so I think it was good socially/emotionally for me as well! I feel stronger and more aware of my core now. Dr. Jewell’s handouts were helpful.

-Momcore patient

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