Postpartum Care

When you learn you’re pregnant, there seems to be a hundred decisions to make every day, and an appointment every few weeks. Friends want to help you prepare, and mothers-in-law come out to support you. However, we often hear about new mothers with the feeling that their support system has diminished slightly once the pregnancy is over. We live in a culture of sadly under-appreciated and under-supported mothers.

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With all the excitement of a new baby, it is easy to lose track of what your body has gone through and the scope of what is to come down the line. Recovering after labor and delivery, whether easy or difficult, there are always challenges and changes in your body. You know that pregnancy affected you in myriad ways, and now, your body is again a new one!

Historically, and in some cultures around the world still, mothers are venerated and supported. The postpartum period is sacred and protected, and while we know the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child,” we often forget that this isn’t just about a child’s education, but also about giving mom a break!

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While many moms know they can turn to their chiropractor for help in alleviating pains throughout pregnancy, fewer moms think of their chiropractor as a resource for breastfeeding difficulties, or for postural help after baby is born. Prenatal adjustments often focus on low-back and pelvic pain or alignment, while mom’s needs after delivery will likely be more mid- and upper-back from holding your little one and looking down, letting you be as comfortable as possible in this period as well. Chiropractic care can also aid in maintaining breastmilk supply, reversing clogged ducts, or promoting healing from mastitis.

From changes in center of gravity, hormonal levels, breast size and tissue healing, your body is considered ‘postpartum’ for one full year. Carrying your little one, breast-feeding, losing sleep, bending over, and all that you’re doing to care for your baby take a toll on your muscles and joints. You may have noticed that you have looser joints and less muscular strength than you had before your pregnancy. This was important to make room for your baby, but it can also cause your lower back and pelvis to feel unstable, or create hip pain.

And all this with higher than normal stress levels – You really are Super Woman!


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Postpartum Chiropractic Care

It has been shown that chiropractic adjustments quicken recovery time by assisting the body in normalizing pelvic and spinal bio-mechanics and can help you overcome the postural issues created in caring for you new baby. In addition to the benefits inherent in chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Herrst and Dr. Jewell can provide cranio-sacral therapy and can teach you about the best postures for nursing, lifting your baby, and stretching.

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Postpartum Massage Therapy

With training in prenatal massage techniques, Brittany’s understanding of the transition into and out of pregnancy makes her the best choice for your care. A strong history of co-treating with Dr. Herrst and Dr. Jewell also means that you are receiving coordinated and comprehensive care. Brittany provides a relaxing atmosphere for the well known benefits of massage including stress reduction and pain relief as well as the unique postpartum benefits including hormone regulation, reduced swelling, better sleep and improved breastfeeding.

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Momcore Program

Moms recovering after birth often suffer from low back pain, pelvic floor weakness, upper back pain, sacroiliac instability and hip pain, sciatica, and diastasis recti separation. Couple this with the ever-growing epidemic of sitting and collapsed posture in our society, not to mention caring for that new bundle of joy, and you get a weak, inactive internal core that has to compensate in potentially harmful ways.

In this period of sleep deprivation, improvising, love and hard work, it is also important to prioritize yourself and reconnecting with the core of who you are. This may be giving yourself time for your own creative pursuits or pampering, and it may also mean doing some work to re-strengthen and align your body so that you may do all that you love with ease and joy! Dr. Jewell’s postpartum care program, MomCore is designed to do just that!

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