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…the couple appointments I had in your office were some of the best I’ve had, and I’m ever grateful for the help and advice I received which helped me figure out another medical problem. It is still greatly appreciated. If I ever live in the area again, I would choose CityFit as my chiropractic office in a heartbeat!

– Alisha T.

I was told I had to learn to live with the pain. Over the course of three months Dr. Herst completely fixed it. I haven’t had a flare up in well over a year. The massage therapists here are also very professional and well trained. They will listen to what you want and also let you know what you need.

– Ashley S.

I really enjoy talking to my provider about the anatomy and physiology of my body. She treats me with respect and appreciates the knowledge I bring to my body. I also really appreciate that my provider recommends exercises that I can do at home and not exercise that involve needing a gym or special equipment.

– Anonymous


The progression of the [Momcore] program was very good. [We] started with awareness and triggering of the core and progressed to great strengthening exercises. Weekly sessions worked well for me- it also got me out of the house with the baby which for me is sometimes difficult to do on my own if I have nothing specific scheduled/planned so I think it was good socially/emotionally for me as well! I feel stronger and more aware of my core now. Dr. Jewell’s handouts were helpful.

– Momcore Patient

I went to Dr Herrst for a few prenatal chiro adjustments. She gives you her full attention and works on your problem areas. She completely healed my neck discomfort. The massage therapists Brittany and Emma are also great! Sophia who is the office manager is welcoming and very professional. I would definitely recommend this clinic for anybody’s chiropractic needs.

– Ashta M.

Thank you so much for the excellent care we received and for diagnosing my ruptured discs. It’s such a relief to know that there is a problem and what it is.

– Lisa C.

After my two visits for my sprained patella a few weeks ago, combined with exercises she taught me to use at home, I am feeling great! Zero pain. I will definitely use City Fit Chiropractic from now on, as well as recommend it to everyone I can.

– Danielle R.

This is just a note of thanks for all you’ve done to make me and my body feel cared for and well! Thank you! I am so grateful I can turn to you – and you know my story and history and want the best for me and my health.

– Rebec L.

I couldn’t recommend Dr. Herrst and Brittany Newcomb more highly. I also appreciate Sophia’s patience and support, as she manages the billing and appointments. I first started seeing Dr. Herrst for chiropractic care, as well as Brittany Newcomb for therapeutic massage, very soon after I had a car accident in March of 2014. In fact, I was in Dr. Herrst’s office the next afternoon, at the encouragement of a friend who is also a patient. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made! Their combined care has been invaluable in supporting my recovery. I’ve felt very comfortable at their clinic, and trust both practitioners! I feel safe and very well cared for.

– Sandrene L.

City Fit is by far the most professional and thorough chiropractic office that I have visited. Dr. Herrst is extremely knowledgeable in her field and takes a very professional, although warm, approach to meeting her client’s needs.Brittany Newcomb, has also been very helpful in my recovery. Brittany is great at tracking your pain levels/tolerance and takes the time to focus on the areas that really need to be worked on. For anyone looking to change or try a new chiropractic office, I would highly recommend City Fit Family Chiropractic. It will take only moments of being greeted by the office manager, Sophia, for you to recognize the care and professionalism in the office.

– Craig R.


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