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At City Fit Chiropractic, we believe that most of our patient’s main complaints result from a combination of muscle imbalance and joint dysfunction. Massage therapy is part of the solution we offer, helping you achieve lasting relief and improved health.

A few of the documented, evidence-based benefits of massage:

  •     Increased range of motion
  •     Increased flexibility
  •     Decreased muscle tenderness and pain
  •     Decreased muscle tension
  •     Improved blood flow and circulation
  •     Decreased blood pressure
  •     Decreased stress

Massage can be helpful for the following conditions:

  •     Headaches
  •     Neck pain
  •     Rotator Cuff Problems
  •     Back tension
  •     Car accident injuries (ie, whiplash)
  •     Sports related injuries
  •     Pregnancy-related back and neck pain

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Most patients find that having a 30 minute or 60 minute session of massage therapy prior to a chiropractic adjustment takes their healing and wellbeing to a new level. We especially recommend this type of care for patients involved in car accidents and patients recovering from injuries.

Learn more about massage in specific situations:

Auto Accident Massage

Pregnancy Massage


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