Everything you didn’t know about Essential Oils

Do you ever wonder where medicine comes from? I mean before the drug aisle in the pharmacy, how do we know which chemical combinations help what? Sometimes we forget that the basis of medicine today comes from natural plant and herbal treatments that have been around for […]

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Movement Monday’s with Dr Jewell: Flexibility vs Mobility

This month’s Movement Monday is all about Movement! Or more specifically the movement of your muscles and joints as separate entities. You’ve probably heard these words thrown around interchangeably, for the sake of clarity (and our sanity) I’m going to give some general definitions to help you […]

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Movement Monday’s with Dr Jewell: Are you a sitoholic??

This month’s Movement Mondays we’re taking a little more of a global look at our bodies through the Posterior chain. If you have ever heard phrases like anatomy trains, myofascial lines, or lower cross syndrome and wondered what the heck people were talking about this blog is […]

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The Bunion Blog! Movement Mondays with Dr. Jewell

Welcome to our second month of Movement Mondays and the “Bunion Blog!” with Dr. Jewell I have had a flurry of discussion on bunions, toe surgery and foot pain lately so thought I would take this time to address an issue that has people getting out their […]

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Movement Monday: With Dr. Jewell

Welcome to our first installment of Movement Mondays, a monthly blurb with some quick tips to help you with alignment, stability, strength and most importantly, movement! Today we’re working from the bottom up, talking about our foot alignment and how it affects the rest of the body. […]

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The Wonders of Medical Massage

Most of us know that massage therapy is good for us because it feels good! But there are many other reasons that massage is beneficial to your overall health. Massage, particularly medical massage therapy operates on a whole-body systems understanding of imbalance and injury, compensation, and compliment. […]

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Open Enrollment, Alternative Care, and Health Plans, Oh My!

T’is the season for new healthcare benefit plans! If you haven’t heard already, open enrollment began on November 1 and runs through Jan 31. In response to requests for some guidance about things to look for in a healthcare plan for coverage in our office, we have […]

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Autumn: Tips for Staying Healthy

While we may be a little sad to see the summer go, I think many of us here in Portland are also glad to welcome back our Pacific Northwest Autumn. With shorter days, cooler (and wetter) weather, and harvest time upon us, Autumn can be a great […]

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A Brief History of American Moms

We know the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child,” but we often forget that this isn’t just about a child’s education, it is also about giving mom a break! Just a few hundred years ago, Americans observed the “lying in” period of 3-4 weeks after the […]

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Adventures with Dr. Jewell

If you’ve ever met Dr. Jewell, you know immediately that she’s got a wanderlust heart! Here’s her most recent adventure story: Before completing my Chiropractic education at Palmer West I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Hyderabad, India on a Clinic Abroad Program. This was truly […]

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